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For more than a quarter of a century, Millsaps & Associates, Inc. has helped clients insure their cars, homes, businesses, families and their future. With our expert, dedicated staff and state-of-the-art computer and insurance resources, we will find the perfect fit at the lowest rate for you.

Expert Experience

With over 40 years of industry experience, we are experts with an extensive pool of resources.

Open for Business

You furnished the office, purchased equipment and inventory. Now, protect your investment.

Personalized Service

You are unique. Your individual situation demands individual attention. See us first.

We Make It Count

Your time is valuable. Our expert, informed insurance consultants respect your schedule.

The Smart Choice

Selecting the right insurance can be challenging. Let us help you make smart decisions, simply.

The Millsaps Factor

Millsaps & Associates, Inc. is your strongest ally for smart, informed insurance decisions.

Get it Done Now

Insurance is not one of the choices that can wait. Let us help you plug into the right choice, right now.

Share it with Others

Let us help you make the right insurance choices. Then tell your friends and family about us.

From Our Clients

  • Peace of Mind

    Organizing the right coverage for your home and family is a challenge. The legal language, the coverage caveats, and selectgin the right protection can be a daunting task for busy families to read, interpret and compare. When I met with Frank at his office, he simplified the process, helped us understand how we could overlap…

    Dave Stanton, Regional Sales Manager
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  • Bonds

    We often need bonds for special projects, or events, and sometimes, we need direction on choosing the right bond to overlap with our liability insurance. Most of the time, we need the right answer right now, and no insurance or bond provider has ever responded as quickly as has Millsaps and Associates. We trust this…

    Dale Huddleston, Photographer/Videographer
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