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We are an independent experienced, resourceful and responsive insurance and bond provider, with bonds of all types, for all 50 States, Automobile and Commercial or Fleet Insurance, Life, Health, Events, Commercial and Personal Property Insurance and Worker's Compensation.  Ask for it... we have it.

By insuring yourself, your family, your assets and your business with Millsaps & Associates, Inc. today, you are protecting all of your tomorrow's.

Invest in your future.  Insure today, with Millsaps & Associates, Inc.!

Millsaps & Associates, Inc.  519 Azalea Road  Mobile, AL  36609-1501
TEL:  +1 (251) 344-0427  /  FAX: +1 (251) 380-0002
OFFICE HOURS: Mon - Fri 8:00AM - 4:30PM CST

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