Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker's Compensation Insurance

Worker's Compensation Insurance policies provide benefits to employees for injuries and illnesses caused by or aggravated during the course of employment.

Your employees receive valuable benefits and your business is protected against legal exposure.

Worker's compensation policies provide payment for medical treatment, temporary and permanent disability, death benefits, prescriptions, rehabilitation, including transportation to rehabilitation.  Most also provide valuable coverage known as Employers Liability.   Employer Liability allows for much more benefit and is included with each worker's compensation policy.  Ask us to explain this added coverage.


Workers' Compensation is an auditable policy, and as such, premiums are based on estimated payrolls for the upcoming policy period.  At the end of the policy period, an audit is performed to ensure the premium reflects the actual payroll amount.

State laws and other governing bodies require policy audits to ensure employers are paying for their actual exposure. Variances between estimated exposure and actual exposure may result in payment of additional premiums or a premium refund.

Workers' compensation insurance is required in almost every state.  State statutes and regulations governing worker's compensation vary significantly, however.   Coverage and rates are dependent on industry class codes.

Are your employees classified correctly?  Do you need a worker's compensation insurance certificate NOW?  If you already have a worker's compensation policy, has your policy been reviewed lately?

Don't be surprised by an unannounced audit...

Have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business and your employees are adequately protected.

Schedule an appointment with us now at (251) 344-0427.  Let us devise the perfect Worker's Compensation plan for you that combines the right coverage class and lowest premiums.

Worker's Compensation Insurance
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Do you need worker's compensation insurance?  Are you expecting an audit?

Do your current polices need re-evaluation?  Find the worker's compensation policy to protect you and your business assets, and experience courteous, respectful and resourceful customer service at Millsaps & Associates, Inc.

We have several worker's compensation insurance plans and options, many with generous pay plans.  Get the worker's compensation policy you need.

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is our formula for success

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