Tonya Lewis, CISR
Vice President, Operations - Mobile Alabama
Millsaps & Associates, Inc.

Being a Mom to four daughters, Tonya knows how important it is to protect your family against the unexpected.

Tonya came to Millsaps & Associates in 2014 from an insurance employment career extending back to 1995.

Recognizing competence, experience and the value of customer service as the central factors to earning any client’s trust and respect, is Tonya's mantra. Tonya focuses on agent competency, respect for each and every client, and a thorough analysis of each customer's specific needs to trademark the service at Millsaps & Associates, Inc.

What you can expect from us...

Experience the most friendly and resourceful customer service at Millsaps & Associates which you will not find at any other agency.  Let us help you match the right policy to meet your specific needs.

Our team of experts will work with you to exceed your expectations.  We will help you find the right policy for the price.   We will strive to earn your trust.

Reach out to us at (251) 344-0427 and schedule an appointment with one of our expert agents.  Your satisfaction, is our formula for success.

CISR/Vice President, Operations
Mobile, Office

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