Personal Liability Insurance

Personal Liability Insurance

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Liability Umbrella

Losses from accidents resulting in injury and property damage can be significant.  Are you protected against the threat of claims that may result in judgments amounting to thousands or even millions of dollars?

Even though your primary policies (like auto, home or boat) provide liability coverage, that may not be enough.

A personal liability umbrella policy may provide the additional coverage you need to cover legal costs and legal payouts resulting from a judgment.

Liability Insurance 

Protecting your financial future is goal One.  You've worked hard to get where you are.  Now, consider the possibility of facing a claim for damages because of an accident resulting in injuries to someone or a loss to their property.

Do your primary policies provide enough coverage to protect you or your business?  One of the most important features of Personal Liability is defense costs.  This gives you coverage for legal representation, in the unlikely case you are sued.  Remember, you do not have to be wrong or do something wrong to be sued.

Unfounded suits are filed every day and it is important to have the coverage for someone to represent you.  Representation in court, can be prohibitively expensive without proper liability coverage.

Ever rent a boat, ATV, golf cart? Ever wonder if you are covered for any liability that may occur?

Accidents happen all the time and Millsaps & Associates Insurance Professionals want to make sure you have the right coverage for the exposure.

The last time you played golf, did you read the agreement you signed?  Do you know the golf cart you just rented may not be covered should you run into a tree?  Or a pond? Having the right coverage on your homeowner policy can alleviate those concerns.

Have you ever repeated a rumor you heard about someone, damaged some else’s property or invaded their privacy by accident using your drone?  Personal Injury Coverage is not automatic on most policies and needs to be endorsed on your homeowner and dwelling policies to be covered.  Ask us about it.

And how about a business in the home?  Thinking of taking your hobby to the next level and making money out of it?  Well, let us review your policy for the correct coverage in case your activity is considered a business so there is coverage when you need it.  This is very important!!!!!

What about those special events we all have in our lives: wedding receptions, family reunions, banquets, or a private party.  When you rent a facility to hold your functions, the property owner may want proof of coverage for the liability.   Millsaps & Associates can help you with Special Event Coverage.  We can even give you Liquor Liability coverage in case you are serving alcohol.  Call us for the details!

Do you have questions about liability insurance for special events? The professionals at Millsaps & Associates, Inc. can answer all of your questions.  You'll get the answers you need to plan and protect your special event.

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Do you need personal liability, automobile, or home owners insurance to protect your home, your personal assets and your family?

Do your current polices need re-evaluation?  Find the right insurance policies to protect you and your personal assets, and experience courteous, respectful and resourceful customer service at Millsaps & Associates, Inc.

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