Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

Property Insurance
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Without appropriate property insurance, property losses can easily cause the entire enterprise to fail.  For commercial as well as  personal property owners, the purpose of property insurance is to provide critical financial assistance in the event of a loss, so that you can continue operating with as little disruption as possible.

Property insurance alone is seldom enough, however.  It is but one part of an overall risk management and disaster recovery plan.

There are a variety of policies that cover only a single peril, or cause of loss, such as a property insurance policy, a crime policy, business income, extra expense, contractor tools and equipment floater, or an electronic equipment policy.  There are also policies that include several different types of coverage in a single "umbrella product".

We also have options for WIND coverage... a threat factor to consider for those of us living and conducting business on the Gulf Coast.

Contact a trusted agent at Millsaps and Associates, Inc. for assistance.  As an independent insurance agency, can present policies and rates for you to compare, to help you select the coverage that fits your company's needs.

Business Income Insurance

Once your property has been replaced and your building has been restored to previous condition, what about the loss of income?

Nearly Every Business Needs
Business Income Insurance & Extra Expense Coverage

In this technological age, business income and extra expense coverage is a necessity.  This coverage not only replaces lost income but also will pay to re-locate you and pay the extra expenses to get you back operating quickly.  For Example:

  • A retail store damaged by fire lost income while the building was being repaired.
  • A business office complex that has a loss due to wind damage.
  • A hospital that needs relocating due to a covered loss, to care for to its patients.
  • A web-based enterprise whose servers are damaged by a covered loss.

Contractor Equipment

  • Do  you run your business with equipment - is it insured?
  • What about your tools?

The trusted agents at Millsaps Insurance can help you weigh the costs and the benefits of business equipment insurance and help you to identify the specific coverage and limits you need.

Equipment and Tools Theft Protection

Whether you are a large specialty construction firm or a small to midsize contracting business, your tools, machinery and mobile equipment are big investments.  If they're stolen from a job site, destroyed by a fire or damaged by vandals, your business may suffer.  Repairs only add to the cost.  Work delays or stoppages damage your reputation and your bottom line - or both.

Contact us, Millsaps and Associates, can help you find the contractor's equipment insurance policy that best suits your needs.

Millsaps & Associates, Inc.
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Do you need commercial property, equipment breakdown or theft insurance?

Do your current polices need re-evaluation?  Find insurance policies to protect you and your business assets.  Experience courteous, respectful and resourceful customer service at Millsaps & Associates, Inc., and get the policy you want.

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