The Drone Zone

The Drone Zone

The Drone Zone (UAV's)

Drones are Here...

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's), or systems can be equipped with cameras, thermal scanners, license plate readers and facial-recognition software. They can provide streaming video to a smartphone or tablet which can be viewed by a larger than expected audience when posted on social media forums.

Thought about Invasion of Privacy? What happens when you get served with a suit alleging invasion of privacy from a neighbor you used to be friends with?

Well if you thought, “That’s okay we have liability coverage in our Homeowners Policy”.  Maybe, and maybe not!

Most homeowner's policies have an intentional or expected injury exclusion that would not not provide coverage.  Also, most do not cover personal injury claims that include invasion of privacy, additionally some aircraft is excluded.

Finally, most polices do have a negligent intrusion upon seclusion statement so the insuring agreement language may not be met.

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