Insurance – Property & Equipment

Insurance – Property & Equipment

Property & Equipment

Without appropriate property and equipment coverage, one catastrophic event can easily cause your entire business to fail.  The right property and equipment insurance provides critical financial resources in the event of a loss, to restore business operations quickly.

With all of the options available, finding the right business insurance for your specific business is part art, and part science.  Get what you need.  Get only what you need.  Millsaps & Associates, Inc. can help you protect your business, and your assets.

The most obvious reason to purchase small business insurance is to protect your tangible investment, from merchandise, to equipment, to your building.  The property coverage in a business insurance policy may help protect the physical property, as well as inventory, equipment, furnishings and other property against certain causes like fire, wind, flood.

  • Commercial Vehicle & Automobile Insurance
  • Business Equipment Insurance
  • Equipment Theft Insurance
  • Property Casualty Insurance
  • Flood Insurance
  • Wind, Storm and Tornado Insurance

The friendly and knowledgeable representatives at Millsaps & Associates can help you find and select the policies that best fit your needs.  Choose your best fit policy and start coverage when you need it.

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