Equipment Insurance – Business

Equipment Insurance – Business

Business Equipment Insurance

Your insurance needs are as unique as your business.  Whether you're in manufacturing, hospitality, retail, or any other industry, you need the right solutions at the right price to help protect your business.  When your computers, machines and other equipment work properly, your business runs smoothly.  But what happens when a vital piece of equipment breaks down?

You're stuck while the equipment is being repaired or replaced.  During that time, you may lose revenue as your business grinds to a halt.

Most standard property insurance policies don't cover equipment breakdown.  Warranties are restrictive - typically covering only new equipment for a determined length of time and for specific types of product failures.  Further, warranties don't pay for lost business income or equipment damage due to operator error, which is the cause of many equipment breakdowns.  Business equipment insurance eliminates that risk by covering your equipment repair costs and reimbursing you for lost income.

Nearly Every Business Needs
Business Equipment Insurance

In this technological age, business equipment insurance is a necessity.  If your equipment breaks down, your business most likely grinds to a halt as well.  For example:

  • A convenience store that loses a refrigeration unit
  • A business office complex that has a power failure
  • A hospital breaks a piece of high-use diagnostic equipment
  • A web-based enterprise whose servers are damaged

What is Equipment
Breakdown Insurance?

  • Pays to fix or replace failed equipment
  • Reimburses for labor and time costs to fix or replace failed equipment
  • Replaces lost business income due to equipment failure that leads to business stoppage
  • Covers other costs to minimize losses or to get equipment working and productive faster
  • Reimburses for loss of materials or related goods, such as spoiled food,
    due to equipment shut down.
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