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Need Personal or Business Insurance?

Personal, Auto, Business or Commercial, if you need it, we have it! As an independent agency, we represent the most innovative and trusted insurance companies. Millsaps & Associates' agents and consultants actively monitor marketplace rates and providers to evaluate and determine what carriers are offering the best coverage at the best rates. What you can expect from…
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Need a Fidelity or Surety Bond?

Fidelity or Surety bonds -  Millsaps & Associates has the perfect fit for you... Do you need a bond now?  Don't wait!  Our on-site insurance bond specialist can insure any project or service in all 50 states.  Normally, we can quote and issue your bond on the same day. Just some of the types of bonds we offer include City…
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Need Worker’s Comp Insurance?

Worker's Compensation... if you have employees, you need it! What once was only an idea, is now a working business.  You took the idea from concept to business plan.  You calculated the cash you needed, convinced a bank to loan you the start up capital, leased the facility and opened for business.  Sales are good, you…
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Big Events Warrant Event Insurance!

Planning an event? Be sure to insure against unpredictable occurrences... Are you planning an event where the venue requires you to have insurance?  Are you scheduling an event and the main performer has a reputation for canceling at the last minute? We can help you identify risks and create the right risk coverage policy for…
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